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FDX, where the world's most advanced blood science works for you. Our health assessment tools provide you, the practitioner, with the scientific tools and knowledge behind effective therapy options. Helping you pave the road to success in functional medicine. 
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Comprehensive. Accurate. Clear. Our New Finger Prick Mini Assessments help to monitor your clients progress between larger FDX test panels.
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Blood tells a story, from mild inflammation to chronic illnesses and serious diseases. Getting to the root cause of your clients‘ health concerns starts here, with FunctionalDX, the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology.

FunctionalDX are revolutionising blood testing and analysis for Functional Medicine and integrated healthcare practitioners. Our world leading FunctionalDX Blood Science technology is more accurate, more accessible and the single most comprehensive blood analysis on the market today.

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The Ultimate Advanced Screening Tool For Modern Healthcare Practitioners

We are proud to be the practitioners’ partner. FunctionalDX provides you with the tools and blood science technology to effective therapy. Supporting you to elevate your practice and client care to the next level.


Everything is covered.

With up to 125 biomarkers analysed, our tests reveal more. Uncovering hidden patterns, so you can prevent disease and provide real health solutions.


Results you can trust.

Our sophisticated AI reporting algorithm analyses; 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macro nutrient systems and assesses the status of 14+ nutrient assessments and over 40 clinical dysfunctions to provide the most advanced, comprehensive reporting on the market today.


Clarity where it counts.

Our easy to interpret reports are straightforward and designed with you in mind to help you improve the quality of your care.

Join the Revolution today and find out why our FDX practitioners would not use anyone else

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