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An unparalleled picture of your clients’ health: introducing GlycanAge

To celebrate the launch of our new partnership with GlycanAge, Nikolina Lauc and scientist Dr. Marina Martinic Kavur have kindly co-written this guest blog post. Keep reading to discover the secrets GlycanAge can reveal about your clients’ health and why we’re now offering this as an optional upgrade to all of our panels.

FDX + GlycanAge = the ultimate look at health, ageing, inflammageing and longevity

GlycanAge enables us to review Glycans and measure our biological age and inflammageing (more on these below). This testing was developed with the support of the Human Glycome Project and the scientists behind GlycanAge are pioneers in the field of Glycoscience, with three decades of research behind them and a dataset of over 150,000 people (some who they followed for over 30 years).

This is a simple at-home blood test available across 40+ different countries and 4 continents.

This testing has the potential, in the future, to help us to predict diseases like hypertension, heart attack, stroke and diabetes up to a decade in advance. This means that as a practitioner, you’ll have the ability to intervene and personalise your therapeutic approach to stop disease in its tracks.

About the Glycans in GlycanAge

Did you know that Glycans are the sugars that we all produce naturally? Glycans are a structural component of all your cells; all the proteins formed since we’ve had multicellular life are glycoproteins. These molecules regulate the functionality of cells and, in the case of Glycans on IgG (antibodies), even regulate the inflammatory response of the immune system.

Your clients’ Glycans are influenced by genes, past environment (epigenetics) and lifestyle.

Worldwide, 3 out of 5 people die due to chronic inflammatory diseases like stroke, respiratory disease, heart disorders, cancer, obesity and diabetes. Chronic inflammation is also one of the key causes of ageing A.K.A. inflammageing.

“Glycans are directly involved in the pathophysiology of every major disease… Additional knowledge from glycoscience will be needed to realise the goals of personalised medicine and to take advantage of the substantial investments in human genome and proteome research and its impact on human health.”
US National Academies

Biological vs chronological ageing and why this important for truly preventative healthcare

Chronological ageing impacts all your clients; but biological and chronological ageing aren’t necessarily the same. Biological ageing is where we see the start of functional decline and is the inflection point for all chronic disease. If you can slow down your clients’ biological ageing, many of their future health concerns could be prevented.  

Although methylation-based measures have gained broader reach and recognition, Glycans-based GlycanAge testing is outstripping them in research, performance and potential for clinical relevance and adoption.

Methylation clocks are great at detecting chronological age, while glycans are more effective in detecting biological age. In research, acceleration of the Glycans-based clock correlated with risk factors (future incidence of disease) and subsequent hospital admissions. This form of testing also gives a clear view of how your interventions are working over time to affect the biology of ageing.

You can now add a GlycanAge report onto any FDX panel for the clearest possible picture of your clients’ health.

The combination of my FunctionalDX test and GlycanAge has been invaluable. The understanding of how my body is currently functioning, via FunctionalDX, with its biological age function, via GlycanAge, has been incredible when addressing my health concerns. I especially like the fact that the FunctionalDX shows the patterns of function or dysfunction in the body which need to be addressed, and the GlycanAge test shows me how I am doing for my age and longevity. From this I have actionable insights which can be measured. Allowing me to follow a therapeutic plan which targets my symptoms and addresses my individual needs. Helping me to live and age healthier!
Patient A

Are your clients looking to take preventative action on their health and concerned about the impact of ageing on their vitality? Log in to your practitioner account today to order your panels and get an unparalleled view of your clients’ health by adding on a GlycanAge test.

GlycanAge is your key to healthy ageing. It is the only biological age test that accurately measures your unique response to lifestyle change.