Supporting your clients with PCOS – Taking a body system approach

PCOS is the most common hormonal endocrine disorder in women, affecting about 10% of women of childbearing age. It is also the most common cause of female infertility. Through this guest blog post from FDX Practitioner Christine Bailey, discover how you can more effectively support your clients with PCOS with a body system approach. What […]

How functional blood testing is transforming Dr Indra Barathan’s practice

Functional blood chemistry is the process by which complex and comprehensive blood biomarkers are organised, analysed and interpreted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the state and trends of the main body systems, the supporting body accessory systems, along with the status of nutrients and trends towards and away from clinical dysfunction. By using functional […]

A Spotlight on: Indra Barathan

We sat down with FunctionalDX Practitioner and Medical Advisor Indra Barathan to find out why she chooses FDX and why she recommends it to other practitioners. You can watch the video of our discussion below or keep scrolling to read the blog version. Indra Barathan’s Practitioner experience Indra began her career as a General Practitioner […]


FDX Practitioner Judy Rocher

We sat down with FunctionalDX Practitioner Judy Rocher to find out why she chooses FDX and why she recommends it to other practitioners. You can watch the video of our discussion below or keep scrolling to read the blog version. Judy Rocher’s Practitioner experience Like many practitioners, Judy’s journey into the world of functional medicine […]

The importance of C-peptide in assessing blood sugar management

Recent statistics from Diabetes UK show that more than 4.9 million people nationwide have been diagnosed with diabetes; with millions more yet undiagnosed, or at an increased risk. At an all-time high, this figure is expected to rise to a staggering 5.3 million by 2025. Fortunately, studies have consistently shown that combined lifestyle interventions, such […]

How to optimise functional testing for clients who are contraception free

Cross section of a cut open melon on a pink background

You might be seeing an increased demand for clarity around female health, as female reproductive health dysfunction is more widely recognised. Blood testing of hormones can be useful in revealing what is happening both at the endocrine and reproductive level, but what factors are influencing hormone synthesis, receptors and metabolism? Understanding the bigger picture, the […]

How to optimise functional testing for clients on contraception

Various forms of female hormonal contraceptive laid out on a yellow and blue background

Supporting clients that are taking contraception can often seem daunting or confusing and you might be puzzling over whether functional blood testing results will hold any clinical significance. When testing for hormones it is vital to understand the implications contraception may have on results and how to discern actionable insights when reviewing the data. In […]

Analysing aluminium as an indicator of brain health – part 2

Yellow Aluminium sardine can against a purple background

In part 1 of this 2-part blog series focusing on Aluminium (Al), we discussed the possible effects Aluminium can have on the brain and some of the mechanisms through which it can disrupt physiological function. In this second instalment, join us in diving into sources of Aluminium exposure and discover the actions you can take […]

Analysing Aluminium as an indicator of brain health – Part 1

As a practitioner with a busy practice, your attention might not yet have been drawn to the impact of Aluminium. This metal is all around us in our daily lives – and is incredibly important as an indicator of current and potential brain health outcomes in your clients. That means it’s vital that you add […]

Managing the impact of long term stress on your clients’ brain health

Stress: modern life (especially considering the events globally over the past year) is full of it. And you’ve probably already started seeing the impact of this on your clients’ wellbeing. Every body system is impacted by stress and this is especially true when it comes to brain health. This blog post shares findings around the […]