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Analysing aluminium as an indicator of brain health – part 2

Yellow Aluminium sardine can against a purple background

In part 1 of this 2-part blog series focusing on Aluminium (Al), we discussed the possible effects Aluminium can have on the brain and some of the mechanisms through which it can disrupt physiological function. In this second instalment, join us in diving into sources of Aluminium exposure and discover the actions you can take […]

Analysing Aluminium as an indicator of brain health – Part 1

As a practitioner with a busy practice, your attention might not yet have been drawn to the impact of Aluminium. This metal is all around us in our daily lives – and is incredibly important as an indicator of current and potential brain health outcomes in your clients. That means it’s vital that you add […]

Managing the impact of long term stress on your clients’ brain health

Stress: modern life (especially considering the events globally over the past year) is full of it. And you’ve probably already started seeing the impact of this on your clients’ wellbeing. Every body system is impacted by stress and this is especially true when it comes to brain health. This blog post shares findings around the […]