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How to reverse gut mediated inflammation with Microbiome Labs

Sun 13 November, 2022

How to reverse gut mediated inflammation with Microbiome Labs

Speakers: Kiran Krishnan and Dr Tom Bayne, Co-Founder Microbiome Labs

Location: 25 Percy Circus London WC1X 9EU

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Metabolic endotoxemia is characterised by increased serum endotoxin (typically lipopolysaccharide LPS) concentration during the first five hours of the post-prandial period following consumption of a meal. We now understand that circulating LPS can trigger a potent inflammatory cascade via the innate immune system and TLR4 activation. Innate immune activation and subsequent inflammation can occur anywhere in the body even at sites very distal to the intestines, such as the blood brain barrier. Understanding how ME is triggered, offset and reduced can have a dramatically powerful effect wherever inflammation and micro inflammation is suspected.

Effective stool analysis

When working with stool tests, a clinician can look at results, or look for patterns. Focusing on the presence of bacteria and other pathogens frequently results in aggressive interventions that may rid the gut of bugs, but can devastate the microbiome. What if the client is fragile, sick, undergoing heavy medical treatment or fatigued? In this lecture you will learn how to work with microbiome resilience – understand how to steer your protocol, and conclude with confidence which intervention will most benefit your client. Learn how to intervene strategically, and prioritise to balance hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, detoxification, and disease risk.

How to build a successful gut restoration programme

Effective Gut Restoration relies on a strategic sequence of manoeuvres that can transform a client’s health. An effective intervention can handle intestinally driven problems such as SIBO, Candida, and histamine overproduction and systemic problems such as hormonal balance, inflammation, and immune dysregulation. In this lecture, Kiran Krishnan will explain the perspective required for building an effective intervention, and the steps, timing and sequence for restoring your clients gut health.

The Microbiome and Vitamin K2

When working with clients who have intestinal inflammation or dysbiosis, Vitamin K2 becomes critical for their long-term health. This nutrient governs the transport of calcium – moving harmful calcium deposits out of arteries and organs to where it is needed: the gut lining, heart, brain, mitochondria, and bone. K2 is naturally manufactured by a healthy microbiome, meaning any problem affecting the microbiome will quickly result in a dangerous K2 deficiency. Deficient, the client is now on the road to developing heart, bone and other diseases. In this lecture you will learn the mechanisms and applications of K2 in clinic.


About the speakers:

Kiran Krishnan, Co-Founder Microbiome Labs

Kiran Krishnan is a microbiologist that has made considerable waves in health and microbiome science. Well beyond concepts, Kiran has helped engineer, create, and study Spore probiotic delivery systems. It is incredibly unique in that before Microbiome Labs’ data, there was almost no conclusive evidence to demonstrate probiotic efficacy en vivo (in humans/living animals).

Dr Tom Bayne, Co-Founder Microbiome Labs

Dr. Tom Bayne is a Chiropractic Physician and public speaker dedicated to understanding and improving the gut microbiome. As the President of Microbiome Labs, Dr. Bayne travels worldwide to educate other healthcare practitioners on the connection between the gut microbiome and many chronic diseases. Dr. Bayne’s comprehensive understanding of supplement manufacturing and extensive clinical experience have given him a unique ability to formulate integrative solutions for digestive and immune health. In 2013, he joined forces with microbiologist Kiran Krishnan to develop MegaSporeBiotic® – the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade, 100% spore-based probiotic and the first of many innovative products at Microbiome Labs. In his own clinic, Dr. Bayne has spent over 24 years helping his patients optimize their digestive health, improve autoimmune conditions, and enhance detoxification.