We sat down with FDX Practitioner Gareth Edwards to discover how our revolutionary blood and health reports have been supporting his practice throughout the Lockdowns of the past year. You can watch the video of our discussion below or keep scrolling to read the blog version.

How was Gareth Edwards’ Practice impacted by Lockdown?

Having recently added blood chemistry analysis to his practice, Gareth’s workload was bigger than expected and he found himself with 35 blood reports to do at the start of the first Lockdown.

I think I had a very interesting start to the first lockdown period because we’d had an incredibly busy start to the year.

Gareth Edwards
FDX Practitioner

Adapting your Practice to challenges like Lockdown

It was Gareth’s mindset that really helped his practice to thrive during Lockdown, as he made a conscious decision to “see the positive in every situation”.

I got the opportunity to really sort of dive in deep, with the blood chemistry…it was a bit like going back to university for me you know I suddenly had this chance to really look at these reports and click on all the links and work out how it all worked…. I had the chance to actually stop, look at things and try to understand them.

Gareth Edwards
FDX Practitioner

Giving your clients the bigger picture

Gareth describes his journey into blood chemistry analysis as one he initially railed against and questioned whether it was necessary and the best possible use of his energy for his clients. He soon found that his intention to use this tool as part of his clinical practice was reinforced and strengthened; particularly with the likelihood of more clients being seen remotely.

Being able to use the interactive FDX reports, with optimum ranges, has enabled Gareth to gain greater insights than a standard medical reference range. He also describes the “alarm ranges” as adding to the use of FDX panels as a very useful tool.

And those reports…I haven’t seen any other company producing blood reports where you can click on the biomarker, and then read about it and really sort of come to terms with it and understand it.

Gareth Edwards
FDX Practitioner

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​Gareth Edwards uses a combination of living food based, patient centered approaches and live and dry blood analysis. He has helped patients to reverse the progress of type 2 diabetes, normalize blood pressure and bowel habits, regain skin and reproductive organ health and stop migraines. He has also given valued nutritional advice to people facing a full spectrum of other health challenges.

Gareth is a member of BANT and registered with the CNHC.