Patient FAQ

This advanced blood chemistry analysis system can only be ordered via your health practitioner .

As a member of the public can I order direct?

  • I’m sorry but the answer is no. You will need to ask your health practitioner to register with us directly .

I’m having an FDX panel , where can I get my blood drawn.

While we endeavour to find suitable locations for our customers and base the attached list on customer feedback , please note that Functional Dx has no relationship with any of the suggested blood draw providers and has no control over the service quality

  • You can have your blood sample drawn at any location you choose but there is one requirement and the centre must have a centrifuge. This is a device used to spin the blood sample.
  • If you wish to find a blood draw site in London then we suggest IHF Clinic, who are just located off Harley Street and can be contacted on 0207 580 9442  or visit their website: IHF Clinic
  • For locations outside of London you may find the following list helpful by Clicking Here