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FunctionalDX blood testing and health reports go beyond traditional blood analysis to reveal more about your health picture.

We believe that assessment of the whole is worth far more than the sum of individual components. Which is why, in our testing, we apply up to 120 blood biomarkers.

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About FDX reporting

FunctionalDX blood science analysis is uniquely developed to understand the intricate interplay of the body systems and their implications on your optimal health.

Our sophisticated AI reporting algorithm analyses 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macro systems and the status of 14 nutrients to provide the most advanced, comprehensive reporting on the market today.

An approved FunctionalDX practitioner will be able to guide you through a programme to restore and encourage optimal health.

What Patients are saying about FunctionalDX

Functional DX to me is the 'Go to Test' that I would use for patients before anything else.
Oliver Barnet, ND

"Normal" is not optimal

Most patients who feel “unwell” will come out “normal” on a blood test. Clinical experience suggests that these people are by no means “normal” and are a far cry from being functionally optimal.

Traditional lab tests base their results on statistics, or a one size fits all range (aka the norm). These ‘normal’ reference ranges represent “average” populations rather that the optimal level required to maintain good health; and are too broad to adequately detect health problems and the emergence of dysfunction, before they become pathological.

FDX reports reflect functional and optimal ranges as well as identifying conventional clinical average ranges. Thus, enabling previously invisible underlying trends towards health dysfunction to become visible.

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FunctionalDX health reports are only available through approved practitioners.

Working with an approved FunctionalDX practitioner they will be able to interpret the report with you and guide you through a programme to address the imbalances and dysfunctions identified. Contact FunctionalDX today to find a practitioner.

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