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FunctionalDX Practitioner Hub

Test. Identify. Empower. Heal.

Our health assessments provide the functional medicine practitioner with the science and the tools to unlock effective therapy options.

We go beyond traditional blood analysis to reveal more. Helping you guarantee success in functional medicine. 

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Submit your practitioner information to become an FDX Practitioner. Please supply a pdf of your healthcare qualification. 

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Your information will be reviewed by a member of the FDX team who will confirm your eligibility. 

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When your account is approved you will receive email confirmation and full access to the FDX Practitioner area. 


Join the FunctionalDX revolution. Using the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology to grow your business.

Optimise your clinical time and your client outcomes with FunctionalDX.

Our FunctionalDX testing provides:

  • Stop guessing your client’s health status with our sophisticated reporting technology
  • The FunctionalDXHealth Report is the result of our world leading detailed algorithmic blood test analysis
  • Stop playing the guessing game and easily identify dysfunctional systems to help you provide the most effective plans for your clients
  • FunctionalDX provides you with unprecedented levels of assurance, accuracy and clarity
  • Reduce hours of research time with our comprehensive easy to interpret up to 100+ page report. 
  • Helping you save time and money through in-depth accurate reporting so you can spend your time where it matters
"FDX is an amazing and cost effective tool for both practitioners and clients. It really accounts for clinical outcomes and achieve great success with helping clients achieve their goals".
Katherine Carris-Harris

The Ultimate Advanced Screening Tool For Modern Healthcare Practitioners

We are proud to be the practitioners’ partner. FunctionalDX provides you with the science secret to effective therapy. Supporting you elevate your practice and client care to the next level.


Everything is covered.
With up to 125 biomarkers analysed, our tests reveal more. Uncovering hidden patterns, so you can prevent disease and provide real health solutions.   


Results you can trust.
Our sophisticated AI reporting algorithm analyses; 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macro nutrient systems and assesses the status of 14+ nutrient assessments and over 40 clinical dysfunctions to provide the most advanced, comprehensive reporting on the market today. 


Clarity where it counts.
Our easy to interpret reports are straightforward and designed with you in mind to help you improve the quality of your care. 

Together, were using technology to lay the cornerstone for a healthier world.

Join FDeXucate to gain a fundamental understanding of Functional Medicine on Blood and Health reporting. Aimed at health care practitioners, our online learning programme will walk you through step-by-step on how to use FDx with your clients. Empowering you to take charge, reduce time inefficiencies and increase client satisfaction.


"As a Nutritional Therapist looking to deepen my clinical knowledge, I found your webinars extremely helpful, especially those by Jonathan! I feel like I no longer have to ' play the guessing game' to understand my client's health status. Please continue with your fantastic webinars, thank you!"
Yessica Rodriguez, NT

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