Our modern lives are now more toxic than ever.

Think back 50 or 60 years ago, and in comparison, our lives now contain very different demands and stressors. In our image-conscious society, there is a greater demand to change the way we look, to look, and be fitter. We place more pressure and stress on ourselves to achieve a social media-worthy lifestyle and even greater demands are placed on the workforce to work harder, longer, and perform better.

These demands and desires to achieve, have led to an ever-greater level of stress which the body experiences as a daily toxic burden. Our stress response system is put into overdrive, producing the same biochemical responses as would exposure to an immediate life-threatening event. However, whilst the life-threatening exposure-response is stopped quickly, the daily exposure to stress continuously drip feeds the response, day after day, 24 hours a day, leading to a chronic stress state.

Left untreated, chronic stress can lead to multiple health issues; an impoverished immune system, poor sugar management, obesity, a variety of inflammatory conditions, including CVD, hypertension, adrenal dysfunction, low libido and fertility issues, female hormone dysregulation, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

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The failure to achieve the desired state of fitness, body image, and workplace performance creates an ever-increasing spiral of descent into health dysfunction through increased stress levels. We also need to consider that failure to accomplish these goals may be due to pre-existing system dysfunctions like an underactive thyroid or immune dysfunction, poor digestive processes all of which can be identified through FDX testing and health reporting.

Achieving the desired state will reduce stress levels and increase the client’s sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and wellbeing. We at FDX, recognise the demands and pressures faced, which is one of our key reasons for simplifying things. Putting the necessary tools to access your clients’ stress responses in one place – our lifestyle tests.

Additionally, we are now exposed to an exponential increase in the number of chemicals we are now in daily contact with.  Concerns have been raised in the July 2019 UK parliamentary report, identifying a long list of chemicals of concern and their effects. 

Many of these chemicals are classified as endocrine disruptors and exposures can be seen demonstrated in health dysfunction including Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, PCOS, Endometriosis, fatigue, and mental health disturbances (including cognitive declines, such as dementia).

With a thorough individual investigation, our lifestyle tests will help you to achieve lifestyle goals by understanding the root cause of dysfunction, and factors to consider for a tailored nutrition and lifestyle programme that can greatly improve or resolve health issues. 

Our FDX Lifestyle health tests and reporting have been created to look further than traditional blood analysis. To reveal more about your client’s health picture and to identify areas to focus on an effective treatment plan. FunctionalDX uses the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology to consider 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macronutrient systems, 14 micro-nutrient deficiencies, and over 40 possible clinical dysfunctions.

Our specially devised panels for Lifestyle health are the ultimate tool for the modern healthcare practitioner looking for a comprehensive insight into a client’s vitality when concerned with performance, mental clarity, energy, weight and sleep which impact their work, sporting abilities or lifestyle. 

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