FDX 00


FDX 00

Our bespoke test allows you full flexibility to select the biomarkers you want to investigate.
To create your own bespoke test please select the biomarkers you require below.
A test kit is automatically added to your cart if not already added.

Suitable for:

  • Those who want to assess individual markers
  • Those who wish to retest for specific markers
  • Those who which to put together a suite of markers

Build your Bespoke test by selecting the biomarkers you require. 

A test kit charge of £30.00 will be added to your order

Select the Biomarkers you require

You will need a main test first

Test guidelines: Fasting blood draw required in the morning. CLICK FOR KIT INSTRUCTIONS

Example Snapshot Report

The FDX Method

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"Functional DX to me is the 'Go to Test' that I would use for patients before anything else"
Oliver Barnet, ND

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