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FDX Ultra Upgrade

90+ biomarker In-depth general health investigation including hormones

FDX 03

Fatigued and experiencing low energy? Worried about immunity or concerned with your vitamin or mineral status? If you want to determine the specific needs, deficiencies, and imbalances of your client, then our comprehensive FDX Ultra Panel is for you.

The FDX Ultra offers the most in-depth analysis of your health condition, helping detect or predict various chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and more.

Over 80 biomarkers are included as well as our exclusive and extensive health reports.

This is the most comprehensive and in depth of the signature test panels  Further to offering a complete analysis vitamin mineral, thyroid, cardiovascular, protein, iron, sugars, liver, and gallbladder status.

It also includes a full series of hormones and sex hormones and prostate assessment. These serve as important tools in the evaluation of several systems including immune, liver, prostate, male and female hormones, fertility, bone health and glycemic management.


Suitable for:

  • Those who need to identify undiagnosed or unidentified underlying health issues.
  • Those that already have displaced long term chronic symptoms or have an existing diagnosis/conditions.
  • Those who wish to have an Entry Level full health MOT.

Key Biomarkers

You will need a main test first

Our signature panel FDX Ultra has been created to look further than the norm (traditional blood analysis) to reveal more about your client’s health picture and to identify areas to focus an effective treatment plan. FunctionalDX uses the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology considers 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 macronutrient systems, 14 micro-nutrient deficiencies and 40 clinical dysfunctions.

Test guidelines:

Fasting blood draw required in the morning.c

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Functional DX to me is the 'Go to Test' that I would use for patients before anything else
Oliver Barnet, ND