GlycanAge and Cardio Glycan Test bundle

FDX 503

Looking to discover your biological age and metabolic ageing in one test?

This test bundle provides you with GlycanAge and Glyco-Cardio Health Report for the ultimate insights into how well you are ageing.

*Please note this bundle is currently only suitable for females*

GlycanAge: The original biological aging test  

Measures immunoglobulin G glycans (IgG), which are responsible for humoral immunity; including specific antigen binding for antigen neutralization, complement activation, target opsonization for phagocytosis, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and hypersensitivity reactions.

Depending on the antigen the antibody is specific to, it can be involved either in protection from pathogens (in case of harmful non-self-antigens), or in damaging reactions such as autoimmune diseases (in case of self-antigens) and anaphylaxis (in case of non-harmful non-self-antigens).

Glyco-Cardio Health Report: Investigate your metabolic health 

Concerned about metabolic disease and its impact on accelerating the ageing process?

GlycanAge have found that in a number of conditions glycans change before onset of symptoms and even a decade before onset of disease, indicating that the loss of inflammation-suppressing IgG glycome might be casual for some.

This has been seen in Diabetes (human study) and hypertension and insulin resistance (animal study), followed by a study on 2000 twins in three time points across 15 years that indicated predictive power of IgG glycome composition for future development of hypertension (publication pending).

Our immune system keeps us alive and IgG glycome composition has been found to be associated with life expectancy in 27 different countries. Associations have also been found to correlate with the development index in the individual countries, meaning part of it is socioeconomic, even in the UK life expectancy can vary by 17 years based on your postcode (it went from 10-to-17yrs since covid).

*Please note Glyco-Cardio Health Report is currently only available for Women

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Why are we asking for the patients’ ethnicity?

We collect your ethnicity to plot you to the closest demographic cohort. Ethnicity takes into account your genetics, but is also influenced by your lifestyle, culture, geographic area and socioeconomic status. All of these, combined, affect your health risks.

Suitable for:

  • Looking to understand their biological age vs chronological age
  • Those interested in ageing well and looking to future proof their health and wellbeing / reduce the ageing process
  • Those with an existing predisposition of history of CVD issues including those with a sedentary lifestyle and unbalance diet.
  • Those with or suspected conditions or symptoms that suggest cardiovascular or metabolic concerns to such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, immune and inflammatory disorders, weight gain and obesity Diabetes, metabolic conditions, memory changes, cognitive changes

Key Biomarkers

IgG Glycans

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