FDX 507 KBMO Gut Barrier

Gut Barrier Panel (GB Panel) KBMO has created a unique Gut Barrier Panel which in recognition that leaky gut occurs across a spectrum we have included the following gatekeeper markers: Candida, Zonulin, Occludin and Lipopolysaccharides (LPS). For each marker, we measure IgG 1-4 /C3d in addition to IgA 1 and 2. Candida We measure and use any candida overgrowth in the stomach/dysbiosis as a precursor to leaky gut occurrence. Zonulin Zonulin is a marker of intestinal permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut. If a patient has elevated Zonulin levels, the normal regulation of the tight junctions is compromised. This Zonulin marker is unique to KBMO please follow the link for more information: https://kbmodiagnostics.com/zonulin-test Occludin Occludin is a marker of tight junction stabilization and optimal barrier function. Elevated occludin indicates that the tight junctions are breaking down. Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) LPS is a major structural component of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Elevated levels of antibody against LPS may be indicative of Leaky Gut Syndrome and other gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. GB Panel Interpretation If any of the 8 markers are positive, we recommend to consult your provider with regards a gut healing protocol. The GB Panel removes the guesswork; providers no longer have to guess they can test for Food Sensitivities, Inflammation and Leaky Gut and then treat their patients accordingly. This Panel is included with the FIT 132 and FIT 176. It will also be available as a standalone fingerstick test.   Please listen to Dr Robert Silverman discuss the new KBMO Gut Barrier Panel ZONULIN MARKER: https://kbmodiagnostics.com/zonulin-test/
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We are excited to introduce another unique assay to the market, Dr Brent Dorval and Dr Alessio Fasano have partnered to create the only Zonulin assay which does not cross react with haptoglobin, properdin or any complement fragments. They have achieved this by creating a unique recombinant zonulin protein. By measuring the Zonulin antibody It makes the assay also uniquely stable to avoid the fluctuations reported in Zonulin protein assays. The assay also has similar positivity rates as seen in Fasano’s letter to the Lancet, Zonulin is available on the KBMO FIT 176 and FIT 132 panels in serum and blood spot.
















Suitable For

  • Those struggling to lose weight
  • Those with an Autoimmune disease
  • Those suffering with Migraines
  • Those with Thyroid Problems
  • Those with arthritis
  • Those with brain fog
  • Those with persistent fatigue
  • Those with digestive/gut issues/skin problems
  • Those with fibroids, endometriosis or breast cancer

Test Instructions

Your Kit Includes

Fingerstick Collection Instructions Bloodspot Card Sterile Single-Use Lancets Alcohol Prep Pad Biohazard Bag Patient Requisition Form Pre-Stamped USPS Mailing Envelope OR a UPS Bag and Pre-Paid Label

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