Professional FAQs

I’ve registered, what happens now?

  • Welcome to FunctionalDX, your account is officially opened. You have access to the facilities of the FunctionalDX site including the practitioner hub information and are able to place orders.

I am a student practitioner, can I register with you?

  • We welcome student practitioners to join FunctionalDX, you can complete the registration form and submit your proof of study.
  • Please note that as a student you are only allowed to purchase tests for personal use. 
  • Please make yourself familiar with the student terms and conditions on registration.
  • If you have any questions about our student account please contact:
  • As a student you are also able to access our educational platform FDeXucate.

Can I direct my client to order directly from you?

  • No. We only deal directly with health care professionals, all orders are placed through them.
  • We do have an option where your client can pay directly. This is dealt with at the concluding part of the ordering process. Please note, that if you choose this option, your patient will be paying the practitioner price.
  • If the option for CLIENT TO PAY is chosen, then a unique URL will be generated. This will be sent to the client, but we recommend that you make a copy of the URL and send that to your client. This enables you to track that they are going to carry out the test and make payment.
  • Client to pay orders MUST be paid within 30 days from the date of order. Any orders still unprocessed after 30 days will be cleared from the FDX cache without further notification, and the patient to pay unique URL will be deleted. If the test is still required it will be necessary to redo the order.
  • Once you have placed the order, you will receive an invoice and a copy of the requisition form. Clients will be sent a copy of the requisition form, but we strongly urge you to also send them a copy, as it is possible for emails to be sent to spam at the client end.
  • If the client pays (see above) they will receive a receipt of payment and a requisition form.

What information do I need to provide?

  • Client’s full name – this must be the same name to be used on the blood tube
  • Client’s date of birth
  • Client’s gender
  • Client’s address
  • Client’s email

How do I get a kit?

Option 1:

  • When supplying the client’s details, you will be asked if your client needs a kit to be sent to them.
  • Answer yes, then a kit will be sent by first class post to the provided address. If you answer no to a kit, it will not be sent.
  • If the address provided is incorrect, then we will require you to purchase another kit or reclaim the kit sent to the wrong address. Replacement kits are charged at £25.00
  • Please note that there is a charge for lost kits.

Option 2:

  • If your client is going to a clinic that holds a stock of our kits, please do not order a kit to be sent. Otherwise, we will raise a charge for the extra kit or expect the extra kit to be returned to us unopened.
  • Please note that rectifying any of the above issues will hold up the blood analysis process.

How quickly will my kit be dispatched from order?

Once payment has completed on your order your test kit will be dispatched at the following times;

Monday – Thursday: Tests completed before 3pm will be posted the same day

Friday: Tests completed before 12pm will be posted the same day.

Any tests completed outside of these times will be posted the next working day. 

All tests are dispatched within Royal Mail standard delivery (please allow 3-5days for delivery). FunctionalDX do not accept any responsibility for delay or losses within the postal system.

We provide options at check out for next day and Saturday delivery if you require a test kit sooner.

I have clients outside of the UK, can I order FDX test reports for them?

  • Yes, we can help with arranging kits to be sent abroad and facilitate the return of the kits. However, some countries do not allow the transport of biological specimens, if you have any concerns please contact
  • Sending kits outside the UK will incur an extra shipping and admin fee. Please note that international courier fees vary from country to country, so this is an on-request service. For more information, please contact
  • The same FunctionalDX rules still apply to overseas clients as if they were in the UK.
  • If your clients can facilitate their own test abroad, we can take the data and process this under the order of our own report section. We require a PDF of the test results in English. If the PDF needs translating, this will incur an additional fee.

What are the suggested retail prices for clients?

  • FDX is a practitioner to practitioner only site and as such we do not have Retail Prices.
  • We believe the choice of what clients pay is entirely down to the professional and we do not interfere with your business model.

My client/s are on medications, how will that affect the report? Should I stop these?

Do not stop medications. These are the province of their medical health care professional and any discontinuance should only be done with their permission and under their instruction.

  • The results will indicate if the medication is working at the appropriate levels which would not be apparent if the medications are stopped.
  • Women who have been on contraception: As the effects of these devices and pills take time to be eliminated for the body when discontinued, we recommend testing 6 weeks after the date of discontinuance.


Should my clients stop supplementation before taking the test?

  • Yes your clients should stop all supplementation for a minimum of 24-48hours prior to the test.


When is the best time of day to be tested?

  • As the test is fasting and 12 hours will have elapsed it is sensible to see a test carried out early morning.
  • In the case of testing with reporting on hormones; due to the circadian rhythms involved we recommend early morning fasting tests i.e. 9 to 10 am if possible.


I want to assess female hormone levels, when should my client be tested?

  • For menstruating females, we recommend that testing be carried out on day 21 of their cycle, if possible.


I want to assess female fertility levels, when should my client be tested?

  • For female fertility panels, test on day 3 of their cycle and a further assessment on day 21 of their cycle


I want to test children or a client under 18, can I do this?

  • Yes, this is possible, if this is required please speak to the team via to discuss the requirements and results pertaining to minors


How do I choose what panel is suitable for my client?

  • We have the most extensive selection of substantial panels in Europe, covering requirements for males and females, conditions, and lifestyle needs.
  • We recognise that it may be necessary to start small, so we have an introductory panel which can be upgraded to some of the larger panels within 30 days of date of order, or after results have been generated if required. We also offer a similar upgrade scheme with thyroid panels.
  • For more information, please see the published information on our site and practitioner pages.
  • Still unsure which panel is right for you? We have a dedicated support team available to help you decide if required. Contact


I have my test, but I want to add a specific marker that is not included in the test. How do I do this?

Once the test panel is chosen you will be able to choose from a variety of add ons that are available for that test. Choose the one you want and add it to the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.


I do NOT want a panel, just a small set or just one addon marker is that possible?

Yes, it is, you will need to do the following;

  • Add a Bespoke test kit to the cart
  • Once that is done the addon choices are unlocked
  • Choose from the add on panels you want
  • Pay at the checkout
  • Find your phlebotomist to draw your blood as usual

I want to publish information to help me sell on my website can you help and what service can you offer?

  • We have sample snapshots of the report, FDX logo, written information and more available. Please write to to obtain more information or book a call with our support team to help and advise you.

Is practitioner support available once I have the results back?

  • We always endeavour to educate and assist our professionals
  • In the early stages of their FDX journey, we provide detailed and comprehensive analysis and support. Thereafter, we offer a 15-minute consultation slot if required at no cost. We strongly advise that questions are prepared so they can be covered during the support session
  • If further assistance is required or a more detailed mentoring session, then we offer assistance on a paid basis at the rate of £25 plus vat if applicable per 15 minutes block booked.
  • You can book support sessions via your practitioner account.

What else do you do to educate and support practitioners?

  • We will be running live webinars and also training events for all health professionals. Please check your email or our website for notices.
  • We have an extensive library of videos of past webinars, blogs by the FunctionalDX Clinical Team and guest presenters.
  • For those who have completed an FunctionalDX report they can access to the level of the FDeXucate education site to access the information contained concerning blood chemistry and FDX testing.
  • We also offer further in-depth detailed modules on subject related blood chemistry and health as well as a mentoring service covering all aspects of practitioner/client health.

What’s included within the test price?

  • Includes an FDX blood draw kit.
  • NB Only order a kit if the client is not going to a clinic that holds a stock of FDX kits otherwise an admin fee of £25 will be levied.
  • Includes the cost of your client’s sample analysis,
  • NOTE any costs for drawing the blood centrifuging are NOT included in the price (see below) carried out and any problems that may arise.
  • Includes return shipping from mainland UK (if applicable) via The Royal Mail* FDX reserves the right to include a prepaid return and this is subject to exiting courier and transport condition prevalent at the time of order.
  • Includes the professional report  
  • Includes your patient report
  • Includes FDX support network
  • Your client can choose from a range of blood draw location here or from the blood draw locator section on the site.
  • Unless stated otherwise we recommend the protocol for an FDX blood draw as follows
    • If ordering a full FDX panel, then we recommend a fasting test (12 hours)
    • Water must be drunk, or results will be skewed. Fasting does NOT mean no water
    • No supplements unless otherwise ordered by you or the clients medical professional for 24 to 48 hours beforehand.
    • Medications should not be stopped unless health care provider instructions say otherwise.
    • Full client and phlebotomist instructions can be found here. Copies are included with the kit please ensure they are followed by both parties.
      • FDX does not take responsibility for any errors or misconceptions
    • Blood draw is through Venipuncture through qualified phlebotomists or venipuncturist.
    • The cost of the draw and spin is payable directly to the draw centre and is not included in the cost of the FDX report and panel.
    • Blood should be drawn, and tubes filled in a specific order (see the phlebotomy instructions).
    • Blood volume drawn is around 40mls
    • Blood MUST be centrifuged (see instructions), for more information on centrifuging see here
    • On completion of the test it is essential for the requisition form to be returned in the completed blood draw kit. Failure to return this will cause £25 admin fee to be levied.
    • If the blood draw centre has no prior arrangements in place with FunctionalDX for courier collection then the completed kit must be closed and labelled as per the instruction included (also see here) and taken to a post office for return using the enclosed label. 
    • It is the responsibility of the returning party to ensure the opening hours and facilities of their post office.

      • FDX takes no responsibility for courier delays or issues and any consequential loss.

    • Should the client wish to be covered against such instances that cause the draw to be invalidated then we advise they purchase a special delivery by 9am or by 12pm delivery the next day and they can ensure they are covered for any losses directly with the post office.

Q. What if I can’t get to the blood draw centre can I get a blood draw at home or in my office?

  • Yes, if you arrange for a mobile phlebotomist to carry this out. The blood draw finder on the web site here will give some mobile operators but the same principles and terms apply as with the clinic as stated above.
  • FunctionalDX insists that all samples are returned are from FunctionalDX kits. Without written permission we will not process any samples that arrive in any other box.


Q. When am I able to draw my blood?

  • Monday through Thursday only. Sending blood on a Friday will invalidate the sample and the process will need repeating a new kit will need to be purchased.
  • Bloods must be returned to FunctionalDX the same day of draw.
  • Restrictions will apply where the last working day of the week is a national holiday in the UK or Ireland.


Q. Finger prick testing and FunctionalDX

  • FunctionalDX tests and reports on large numbers of biomarkers – from 65 to over 120 markers. The volume of blood needed for this cannot be collected by fingerstick testing.
  • Sample needs to be stable so centrifugation of samples is essential in all cases unless otherwise confirmed by us in writing, as some samples are sensitive to degradation, this can’t be done with finger prick collection.
  • Venepuncture is the drawing of blood through the veins is still the gold standard for reliability and accuracy and is our first choice.
  • For very small assessment samples i.e. follow-ons FDX can offer a finger prick test kit.

How do we return samples?

  • If your collection centre has an arrangement with FunctionalDX for a courier service, then leave the bloods and requisition form with them and they will deal with these.
  • If no arrangement exists, then all samples need to be returned to FunctionalDX via Royal Mail special delivery service per the enclosed label. As stated above FunctionalDX accepts no responsibility for sample stability, late delays or any other circumstance that causes the bloods on arrival at the lab to be classed as void.
  • Should clients wish to ensure they are covered for consequential loss for the Royal Mail or designated courier / carrier service they are advised to purchase their own special delivery by 12 or 9am next day by purchasing insurance and consequential loss protection.
  • In all cases samples must be returned on the day they are drawn

How long does my client have before the test is considered null and void?

  • You have 120 days from the date of order to complete the test otherwise we deem it to be void and it will need to be reordered. See below for refund policies. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If you need to cancel an order FunctionalDX provide refunds on the following basis;
    1. The kit box is returned to us in an unused and re-saleable state and in an outer covering (plastic or envelope).
    2. When the kit is returned, we will refund the cost of the test to you or if your client has paid then it will be to them
    3. If the kit is damaged or unusable then we will levy an admin fee of £25 to be deducted from the refund
  • We offer a full refund if cancellation is received within 60 days of the order of the test
  • We offer 70% refund if the cancellation is received within 90 days.
  • After 90- to 120 days we consider that the order is void and we will offer a 50% refund.
  • After 120 days we will not make any refunds. 
Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

What is the turnaround time for results?

  • Typically we expect to be able to return test results within 15 working days.  Please do not chase results before 15 working days.
  • When your results are ready, you will be sent a message through the secure mail system advising you the results are ready for downloading and viewing.
  • The secure mail system is your personal portal and you will open the portal with unique ID and codes.

Can I provide my own blood results for interpretation?

  • Yes
  • For practitioners whose clients come to them with test results generated from the NHS or other health external laboratory, FunctionalDX offers a report and interpretation service so that hidden health trends can still be established.
  • We have a set fee for a report using your own blood results which is detailed in our price list. The fee is per test panel provided.
  • When submitting your own test results, our system required that they must be submitted as a scanned PDF document. Photographs will be rejected.

Can I supply several blood panels to compare trends?

  • Yes.  
  • We have the facility to enter other data sets so that comparisons can be seen on the reports so that your client’s trends can be established.
  • We can enter up to 5 previous tests for comparison purposes. Price on application depends on nature of test panels