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How functional testing can support Integrative Oncology

FDX Practitioner Patricia Peat

Gain focus and insight for effective patient programmes You’re probably already aware that functional testing for all areas of health has developed tremendously, particularly over the last few years. What you might not be aware of is how functional testing can support integrative oncology; that’s why we asked cancer expert Patricia Peat to join us […]

Uncovering Cancer through FDX’s optimal ranges when clinical ranges suggested “all was normal”

When a client who was experiencing long term, sub-par health but showing ‘normal’ GP tests, was referred to Paul Burgess, Paul immediately turned to tried-and-trusted FunctionalDX health reporting to help him uncover further details of his clients’ health. On receiving the FunctionalDX results and comprehensive report, Paul suspected something more serious. FunctionalDX blood science had […]